Wildly Important Steps for Your Career, Right Now

October 27, 2017

At any given moment, there are one, two, or three wildly important things you need to work on to move your career forward.

In the way that you wish, with the velocity you wish.

And I’m purposely using the word ‘wish’ here because it exactly highlights the trap.

While the word ‘wish’ sounds positive, we need to watch for this word. Because beneath that veneer of positivity, it’s a word that comes from lack (not having). And specifically, lacking control or influence.

But we do have control and influence. We do know what we need to work on.

So, take back control and influence by getting honest without yourself about those wildly important steps. Because you already know (at least, in part) what they are.

I’ve never held an initial call with a client and not had them come-up with some inspired and insightful answers to my question: What needs to change? What do you need to focus on? What aren’t you doing you know you need to?

They know.


Write down your one, two, three wildly important career shifting steps right now.


  • Revisiting your career goals, the values and drivers behind those goals, and getting back to clarity on the things you really want from your career.


  • Getting brave enough to write that list of all the things you’re tolerating in your current situation. And making the staunch commitment to get into action eradicating those tolerations.


  • Communicating with your network. Connecting with new or key people. And getting out of the negative habit of only reaching-out when you need something.


  • Investing in personal and professional development that works on some of those key skills you know you need, but have neglected for your focus on delivering in your current role.


  • Initiating your ‘special project’ at work. Or developing your strategic relationships. Or demonstrating your thought leadership. Or any of the other initiatives that will raise your profile and pique your own interest.


  • Reaching-out to a coach, mentor or confidante to help you get clarity on your career wants and needs, generate new ideas, get into powerful action – and hold you to account.


  • Or whatever your one, two, three wildly important career-accelerating steps are.


Now notice

In the last few weeks, how much time, energy and attention has gone into those one, two, three wildly important career-accelerating steps. And notice how that level of focus and attention (or lack thereof!) is exactly commensurate with the career energy (or lack thereof) we’re experiencing, right now.

Move yourself out of career autopilot and remind yourself that you know what the one, two, three wildly important career-accelerating steps are. And make a project out of it.


SOURCE: Dan Beverly

Dan BeverlyDan Beverly is a leadership and performance coach, helping high-achieving professional women embrace the pivotal career moments.


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