Two-thirds of UK employees want to delegate work to robots

June 25, 2018

More than three fifths (63%) of UK employees would outsource work tasks to a robot if they could, according to research commissioned by ABBYY.


The global provider of content intelligent solutions and services found that for almost a quarter of Brits (24%) attending meetings is their most hated work activity. While one in six (17%) dislike reviewing long documents and more than one in eight (13%) don’t like speaking to customers.

However, these are not jobs that workers want to delegate to robots.

The jobs that employees would most like to hand over to a machine are inputting data (16%), taking minutes and notes (14%) and electronic filing (12%).

The good news for UK employees is that the majority (63%) spend less than one day a week on their most hated task: attending meetings. In contrast, one in four of the working population say they spend two or more days a week on data entry (26%), and electronic filing (24%).

Therefore, the research suggests that the work people most want to delegate to robots are tasks that they both dislike and have to spend a significant amount of time doing.


Outsourcing for improved efficiency

British workers’ approach to jobs they dislike is also telling. Interestingly, one in seven (15%) try to avoid doing tasks they dislike altogether, while a quarter (26%) wait to be reminded by someone else. This potentially has repercussions for overall business efficiency and productivity.

“It is encouraging to see that the majority of UK workers would welcome the opportunity to delegate tasks – particularly those that are less interesting – to robots,” says Anthony Macciola, Chief Innovation Officer at ABBYY.

“While people may not enjoy spending time in meeting or speaking to customers or their boss, they clearly recognise the value they personally bring to those activities.

“For the vast majority, the idea of working with robots is still hypothetical. However, we find that enabling employees to work in partnership with robots enhances their job satisfaction, allowing them to spend more time on adding value to their businesses where it matters most. Thankfully for both employers and employees, technology such as content intelligence solutions can help to take away these tasks – without replacing workers,” Macciola concludes.


SOURCE: ABBYY offers a complete range of AI-based technologies and solutions transforming business documents and content into business value. By providing digital transformation solutions to financial services, insurance, transportation, healthcare and other industries, the company helps organizations achieve the next wave of growth by understanding customers and delivering responsive real-time intelligent systems.


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