Two thirds of the UK suffer from ‘battery anxiety’

August 14, 2017

Around 65% of Brits suffer from battery anxiety when out and about, according to a new study from CHARGit, a provider of wireless charging.


The study questioned 2,000 consumers from all over the UK as part of research into the habits of those who use portable electronic devices.

Respondents were asked ‘Have you ever suffered from ‘battery anxiety’ when out and about?’ A total of 65% said ‘yes’ to feeling apprehensive about the battery on an electronic device running down when they’re on the move. The remaining 35% said ‘no’.

The study then asked which electronic device they most felt anxious about losing battery for:

  • Smartphones 77%
  • Laptops (10%)
  • Tablets (6%)


The study also revealed that 80.7% of smartphone users check their device every hour, with 36% claiming to be ‘constantly’ on it.

Hayley Freedman, co-founder of CHARGit said: “As our results suggest, ‘battery anxiety’ is a growing phenomenon and something that most us can relate to. Many of us fear being uncontactable and, even if not immediately facing an emergency scenario, feel a mild panic that we’ll end up in desperate need of our phone just when we’re without. It’s this that can lead to us feeling anxious, which is often an unsettling feeling.”

“The fact that over a third of us are almost ‘constantly’ on our electronic devices just serves to demonstrate how reliant we’re becoming on our technology as a society. It’s no wonder then that we worry when we lose access to them. Keeping our batteries charged is something we need to do for peace of mind, which means developing an infrastructure of easily accessible charging points is something venues should be looking to implement.”




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