Third of Brits are jealous of more successful friends

September 19, 2017

Almost a third of green-eyed Brits are secretly jealous of a friend who has done better than them in life, according to a new study.

Researchers took an in depth look into how Britons feel about their lives compared to those of their friends and family.

According to the poll, 29% feel resentful, admitting they secretly wish they had the lifestyle and material things that a close friend or family member has.

The Currys PC World study, which surveyed 5,000 Britons, found that 42% said they know someone in their social circle who always has the latest “must have thing”.


It found that:

  • 12% have gone and bought the latest phone as soon as they realised a friend had it
  • 5% have bought the same television as a friend because they were jealous of how it looked in their house
  • 5% have emulated the same hairstyle of a friend they admire
  • 5% have purchased the same car as someone they look up to
  • 2% have even gone as far as purchasing a holiday home, just because a friend or family had one.


According to the data, 55% secretly aspire to have the life of their best friend, while 21% want the life of the next-door neighbour. A further 18% dream of having the life of a work colleague.

Matt Walburn, Brand and Communications Director, Currys PC World said: “It’s only natural that there is some form of rivalry between groups of friends. We all know that one person who is the first to get the latest smartphone or must-have gadget.

“It’s healthy to want to strive for a better lifestyle and to want nice things, It’s never worth falling out with friends, however, it’s flattering if you’re the person everyone is trying to be like.”

However, 68% of Brits admit many of the people they would like to trade lives with are shallow and materialistic.

Ironically, 21% of Brits say it annoys them when friends copy things they have spent their hard-earned cash on.


SOURCE: ResponseSource

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