Think Your Career Strategy Isn’t Working? Think Again!

September 8, 2017

Where are you in your career?


Are where you want to be?

Perhaps a little behind?

Perhaps where you want to be – but there’s something missing?

Perhaps where you want to be – but nevertheless wanting more?

Or perhaps you just haven’t given it much thought.

And you might say: I don’t have a strategy. You do.

Or you might say: I have a strategy, but it’s isn’t working. It is.

Because here’s the thing: your career strategy is working perfectly.


Your strategy is working perfectly

For the results you’re creating, for the place in which you find yourself, your career strategy is perfectly designed to create your current reality.

Whether you’re exactly where you want to be, or exactly where you don’t want to be. Those results are created by the career strategy you’re employing. Whether you like it or not, whether you mean to or not.

And, so, different results are going to require a different strategy. Because what got you here won’t get you there.


Pressure: it’s manageable – but at what cost?

Not many of us see that our results are of our own making. Relentless pressure at work denies us that clarity of distance. And whilst the pressure is, for the most part, manageable, over time it comes at a cost:

  • We drop into autopilot and stop performing at our best.
  • We start accepting once-unacceptable compromises.
  • We neglect our personal and professional development.
  • We lose sight of our longer-term aspirations.

Ultimately, we can find ourselves in a career designed by chance; and a life designed by default.


Providing the counterbalance

I created The Pivotal Moment Method™ to provide the counterbalance to that pressure, frustration and compromise of work that has us so often on autopilot and prevents us seeing more of our pivotal moments.

But we can also provide that counterbalance for ourselves by learning: to take a mental step back; to reconnect with our long-term vision; to overcome obstacles and get into action; and to embed the success habits that will serve us, career-long.

A great first step is to ask: How am I doing my career? How am I doing my pivotal moments?

For a moment, think back over some recent moments of significance. And notice the sequence of events. Notice, without judgement, the strategies at work. Be observant. Be curious. And see what insights that inspires in your thinking.


A career by chance? Or a career by choice?

To help you on the next leg of your career journey, I’m going to ask you to make a decision, right now:

Do you want a career by choice or by chance?

Decide right now. And whatever decision you come to, I respect that – but let’s also acknowledge that ‘by choice’ or ‘by chance’ is a decision you’re making. Just as it’s your choice how much responsibility for your career you are willing to give to others.

SOURCE: Dan Beverly

Dan BeverlyDan Beverly is a leadership and performance coach, helping high-achieving professional women embrace the pivotal career moments.


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