Sorting out your ‘flipping’ attitude

August 7, 2018

Your attitude is a choice that you simply keep choosing.


At times though, you may feel like it isn’t a choice, just how you are at that particular moment.

But it is something you have chosen, fed by many influences; experience; fatigue (physical, mental and spiritual); hopes; fears; aspirations; disappointments; peers; siblings; parenting; habits; learned behaviour; and on and on.

Deep within you are the components and influencers of your attitude, and with that attitude you, in turn, influence your life experience. Possibly embedding, even more deeply, that particular set or range of attitudes (and thus perpetuating your life experience and the accompanying attitudes).

It needn’t be your ‘flipping attitude’, you have within you the power to ‘flip our attitude’!


Choosing to choose

It’s not about choosing an extreme euphoric stance irrespective of your current situation – sometimes turbulent conditions require an adapted inclination or attitude. It is about choosing the attitude based on conditions, your destination and the desire for a positive experience (every time!).

The late Dr. Wayne Dyer often stated: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

This means that the attitude you are wearing at any moment pre-determines how you experience everything that’s going on around you. We live in a time where problems seem to proliferate around the world, all the time. They are frequently reported, feasted upon and given massive airtime. We are experiencing a global obsession with complexities and bad news. Seven billion attitudes are at risk!


Get happy

Most people allow circumstances to influence and set their attitude, and so are hurled around by the winds of life and face imminent impact with the ground of reality!

Once you decide to own your attitude by deliberately choosing it, you’ll gain more control over your experience and more easily let go of those things that might derail you.

Although described very differently, we are all intent on happiness (or your own upgraded version of it). For this to be possible, it must inform or be our attitude, as perhaps the ultimate attitude.

Look for clues that your attitude is flipping and shifting in the direction of happiness:

  • Your heart is happy (from its calmness, to its beat and its warmth).
  • You smile more often.
  • The feelings you experience are enjoyable.
  • Your connection to the events and circumstances of your life are positive.


Sustainable choices

Change, of any nature, always feels better if it’s worth it, even more so if it is to be sustainable. Our effort and input require some kind of return on investment for our body and mind to make energy continually available.

So, celebrate the wins, big or small. And, when sh*t happens, because in life it does, remember, it’s not what happens in life that matters, it’s how you respond to it.


About the author

Simon Tyler is a speaker and business coach. Through working with hundreds of clients, he has become passionate about the power of attitude and its connection to confidence and performance. He works with individuals, teams and companies to positively change and boost attitudes, and enhance the impact they have. His pragmatic and stimulating words, rooted in simplicity, and his ability to connect with everyone he meets, means he is trusted by many organisations to influence positive change.







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