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Author, coach, trainer, and consultant Paul Warriner joins us to talk about The Recognition Book and what it takes to shine in today’s competitive corporate world. We talk about  the traits, behaviors, and skills fundamental to doing an excellent job and get the recognition we deserve.

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The Recognition Book

Think and Grow Rich

Are you stuck in a rut with a desire to improve but uncertain where to start? Are you searching for meaningful purpose and focus in your life right now? Are you spinning multiple plates and want to sense check whether what you’re currently doing will result in you achieving your goals?

Author Royston Guest joins us to discuss these issues and his new book RiseStart Living the Life You Were Meant to Lead. Find out how you can reach your potential.

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Authors Sue Coyne and Penny Mallinson join us to talk about their new book The Zone of Connection.

The Zone of Connection offers a simple but powerful practice to transform your life just 5 minutes a day, going beyond mindfulness, showing you how to shift from being on autopilot to one of full connection and experiencing flow in all areas of your life.

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The Zone of Connection

We are joined by Author, award-winning writer, broadcaster and TED speaker Carl Honoré to talk about his book “In Praise of Slow”. We examine our compulsion to hurry and the global trend toward putting on the brakes.

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In Praise of Slow


The Great Gatsby

Author Gill Hasson joins us to discuss ther book “Positive Thinking Pocketbook” and the set of skills we need in order to master the art of positive thinking.

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Positive Thinking Pocketbook


We are joined by author, brand expert, entrepreneur, motivationalist and thought leader Mark Pilkington to talk about his new book “Retail Therapy”.

Almost weekly, the news is full of stories about disappearing retail chains–some of which have been around for decades. From Toys’R’Us, Aeropostale and A&P, recognized names are vanishing overnight.

While many people will point a finger at the “Amazon effect,” this is an oversimplification. Deeper forces are at work that are changing people’s relationships with brands, the balance of power between producers and consumers, and the whole nature of the supply chain that has existed since the industrial revolution.

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Retail Therapy: Why the Retail Industry is Broken – and What Can Be Done to Fix It


We are joined by Futurists and Authors Rohit Talware and Steve wells to discuss their new book “A very human future” and how humanity continues to enrich itself in an ever changing digitized world. We talk about topics such as blockchain, education and what will the future of technology look like.

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A very human future

Fast Future Publishing

Author Garrick Jones joins us to talk about his and author Paul Ashcroft’s new book Alive and the concept of digital humans.

Life and work today is a connected mass of networks, people and technology. This connected world is so complex and fast evolving it can be considered alive. Garrick shines a light on how to activate organizations so that they can transform themselves – and what digital means for people who work within them.

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Alive: Digital humans and their organisations

Ludic Group

Post Nature


21 lessons for the 21st century

Enlightenment now

The art lover’s guide to Japanese museums

We are joined by author Lior Arussy to talk about his new book Next is Now and why the old business model of adapting to change for continued success is dead.

Change is the new normal. There are no more periods of stability and predictability. There is only change. This continuous upheaval can undercut morale, decrease productivity and decimate profits, or it can be a game-changing opportunity.

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Next is Now


The Harvard Business Review Leader’s Handbook