Over 40% Of Millennials Have Never Sent a Handwritten Letter to Someone They know

September 27, 2017

Sending handwritten letters, thank you cards and surprise parcels is a dying art among millennials according to research into the nation’s communication habits.


Due to the unstoppable rise of smartphones and social media apps, people are communicating more than ever. Of those surveyed, 42% said they text their friends every day, and 208,000 pictures are posted to Facebook and 65,000 images posted on Instagram every single minute.

As a result, the art of physically posting something to a loved one is dying out:

  • 40% of millennials confess to never having sent a handwritten letter
  • 46% have never sent a surprise parcel
  • 42% have never sent a thank you card


The study by ipostparcels also discovered some confusion as to how the younger generation want to communicate as 80% are sad that letters aren’t sent as much anymore. Over 80% of those surveyed also said they would feel more excited if they received a package or a letter in the post from someone they know, compared with a text or message on social media.

Receiving a surprise parcel from a loved one was also ranked as the thing most millennials would be most excited to receive from a friend or family member above all other forms of communication.


More meaningful communication

Most tellingly, 75% of millennials agreed that sending physical forms of communication strengthens relationships and shows you care more about that person. However, 40% said that it takes too much time and 30% said that they’re too lazy or can’t be bothered.

Psychologist Dr Saima Latif commented:

“Digital forms of communication often comprise of short phrases and emojis to express what we mean. The effect of abbreviated forms of communication is that emotions and feelings cannot be expressed as effectively and can sometimes be misconstrued. Unfortunately this can trivialise our relationships making them more superficial rather than strengthening them.

“On the flip side, sending a parcel or letter creates the type of connection that digital communication often cannot. Receiving a parcel or letter from someone we know makes us feel instantly loved because we appreciate the time and effort that has been put into creating it. These forms of communication create memories, as people often keep letters and cards and look back on them years later, whereas digital communication is often deleted or discarded.”

Gemma Conroy, Ecommerce Manager for ipostparcels commented:

“We can see that people are conflicted when it comes to how they communicate with their loved ones. Social media, text messages and other forms of digital communication are undoubtedly a fantastic way to keep in touch throughout our busy lives. However, there is clearly still a desire to receive parcels and letters due to the thought, care and meaning behind such a gesture.”


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