Knowing your strengths will change your life

November 20, 2017

Imagine if you knew when you were young what you needed to be doing in life in order to feel fulfilled and energised.


The lucky few who do know manage to make study and career choices that are ideal for them.

Sadly, the majority of people aren’t really sure. If they’re lucky they stumble across a course or line of work that they like and are good at. If they’re not so lucky they spend their work lives feeling dissatisfied and wishing they could do something else. If only they knew what that ‘something else’ might be.

According to research by Gallup more than half of UK workers say they are in the wrong career! That is not only very sad, but it’s a waste of talent and an inhibiting factor to the effectiveness and productivity of organisations.

There is a simple route to solving this. Pioneering organisations are getting wise to it and thousands of individuals are transforming their experience of work because of it.


The secret is strengths

We now know from neurobiology that we are who we are by the time we’re in our mid teens. After that we don’t change all that much.

So, for example, if you’re a person who loves to connect you can’t help being that way. If you’re not a competitive person but are in a sales job then no amount of coaching or training can make you into a competitive person.

Think of your strengths as something that you can’t not do. They are the things that feel like a natural part of who you are. Have a think about what that means for you. What sort of things do you naturally do? For example, are you a natural listener, do you love solving problems, do you have a strong desire to make a difference?

Your strengths as the real you. They are the things you’re naturally good at and love doing as well as those things that motivate us.


Using our strengths energises us

Doing what you love, having a purpose and enjoying the small things in life will help you to spend the rest of your days in ways you find meaningful and fulfilling.

If you want to know what your strengths are you can find out by working through the simple exercises in The Strengths Book. It might just change your life!


About the author

Sally is a writer and author of seven books and is the founder of Engaging Minds, a specialist strengths firm Her latest book, The Strengths Book: How to be Fulfilled in Your Work and Life was published in October 2017.




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