Don’t leave hiring consultants to the last minute

August 21, 2018

The advice to business is loud and clear – Plan wisely for independent talent to get the best value and returns.


This comes from the largest global survey of its kind to date conducted by Talmix and IR Connect.

The survey of 40,000 consultants found that 60% say use of independent talent increased in the last 12 months. This trend is expected to continue and over half expect more businesses to use online staffing platforms to access this talent, taking over from using personal networks.

Of the consultants surveyed, 72% believe that companies would benefit from help and advice in budgeting for the independent workforce. Respondents identified the biggest impact on project budgets is the urgency of a project and issues relating to overrunning projects, outweighing strategic and complex projects. There is some concern among the consultant community that they are seen only as a short-term resource to address this, and that better planning would avoid this last-minute panic buying.


Talent pool

Sandeep Dhillon, Talmix CEO, commented: “The continuing uptake of independent talent isn’t a surprise as it’s a fast solution to filling the skills gap which all businesses are encountering. What our consultants tell us most clearly is that companies need to plan to embed this workforce ahead of projects hitting urgent/overrun problems to get the best returns and value.”

“At Talmix, we want to provide practical support to businesses aiming to build independent talent into their plans. Together with the insight on trends from our consultants, we’ve collated over 70,000 data points globally to create rate cards so that companies find it easier to budget for this workforce. We see this as the next step needed to create a fluid workforce mixing the best full-time and independent talent and returning the best value to business,” Sandeep concluded.


SOURCE: ResponseSource

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