Time is running out to master candidate engagement, warns talent acquisition and management consultancy

July 3, 2017
The importance of mastering communications in this area will soon be business-critical, according to Alexander Mann Solutions.

Businesses have just a matter of months to ensure that candidate engagement strategies are hitting the mark – or risk losing access to vast and valuable talent pools.

This is due to the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules, which will come into effect in May 2018.

The rules will require that organisations seek affirmative action by an individual in order to keep their contact details on file and subsequently engage with them.

Currently, 72% of potential candidates contacted by resourcing teams regarding a job role do not even respond, found recent research from Alexander Mann Solutions and Social Talent. As such, it seems that many organisations may fail to gain this consent.

Starting the conversation

Jeremy Tipper, Director of Consulting and Innovation at Alexander Mann Solutions said: “While we have long advised clients on best-practice candidate engagement strategies, the importance of mastering communications in this area will soon be business-critical. Effective talent pipelining pivots on an organisation’s ability to provide compelling content which instigates a mutually beneficial relationship. Businesses which do not recognise and address this now, risk losing access to an abundance of potential talent.”

“While some may look on the introduction of this legislation with trepidation, it actually offers a catalyst to review and strengthen existing engagement strategies to reduce wastage in the recruitment process.”

“A great piece of advice we often give clients is to take lessons from their own marketing teams. Personalised content and marketing campaigns are just as important for candidates as they are for consumers. In many instances, they are one and the same group of people.”

“Untargeted engagement is damaging to an organisation’s employee value proposition and could be detrimental to future hires. Never before have resourcing teams had more impetus to ensure that communications are tailored, relevant and engaging. And thanks to rapid advancements around the use of talent analytics, the goal of implementing a highly robust and super-efficient engagement strategy is no longer a pipe dream – but the clock is ticking.”

SOURCE: ResponseSource

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