Are you letting your values stand in your way?

August 17, 2018

Goals. Values. Beliefs.

The personal development trifecta.

I create and commit to powerfully inspiring goals. I come to know – and align – to my values. And I choose to adopt empowering beliefs. And so: I can achieve anything.

Knowing – and aligning with – our values (those things most important to us) is one of the most powerful personal development steps we can take. And not least because:

Sometimes, our values play-out in negative ways.

Don’t think so? Here are some examples …


Perhaps I value a strong work ethic.

It’s played a big part of my success to date. I’ve worked hard. Harder than the other guy. I’ve stuck diligently to my project and had success as a result.

But now I notice I’ve come to associate success as only ever following significant hard work. And so I sidestep or overlook more direct routes to my goal because it can’t be success without the strife that must come beforehand. Because I’ve not yet earnt that success. Because I don’t deserve it.

And so I harbour the belief that success without strife is not success, not earnt, not deserved and not for me. Hmm.


Perhaps I value organisation.

And my highly-organised approach to work has me in total command of what I do. I’m known for it! But now I notice I can’t start anything unless everything is laid-out in advance. Unless everything is neat and tidy (even though I know that’s not how careers or businesses really happen). Unless everything is certain – which it never can be. Hmm.


Perhaps I value learning and knowledge.

What I have learnt and what I know have been huge factors in my success. I love putting my deep knowledge to work. And revelling in the spirit of continual learning and improvement. But now I notice I am incapacitated by my need to (over-) educate. And rather than getting into action with what I do know, I choose to stay stuck – although I hide it behind my latest learning project. Hmm.


Perhaps I value perfection.

And so my high-standards drive me forward and achieve amazing outputs. But now I notice I’m missing deadlines. And that nothing is ever good enough. Including me. Hmm.

What’s the lesson here?


Examine your values.

Think about how they are playing out: positively and negatively. And notice where those well-intentioned and positive values are harbouring beliefs that actually sit in conflict to your goals and objectives.

And from there: rewrite the story around those values. And how best you’ll choose to put them to work.

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