These 7 tips are all you need to tap into employee performance

November 15, 2017

Team performance isn’t just about the quality of the employees on the team.


Much of it comes down to how that team is managed. A good manager can take a group of good employees and lead them to tap into their greatest potential. They can also take teams that seem to have problems and get them turned around in the positive direction.

To some people it might seem like this is an innate skill, but there are things that any leader can do to improve team performance. Below you are going to find the seven tips that you can use to boost employee engagement and productivity.


Regular Check-ins

You can’t wait for the day before a deadline to check on the status of a project, and you shouldn’t wait for yearly employee reviews to talk about performance. When you meet with your team regularly, you get a better idea of their overall performance. Just checking in to see how people are doing and to get an update on the latest project goes a long way in keeping performance on track.


Be a Coach

If you have hired the right people, you don’t need to operate in a commanding management style. You have competent employees that are capable of learning and growing.

Instead of being controlling or micromanaging everything your team does, be more like a coach. Be supportive and provide your employees with guidance and the appropriate feedback. However, be conscious of granting them autonomy where appropriate so that they can grow independently in their roles.


Ask Questions

Questions can be a good way to open a dialogue and are an important tool for learning more about your team. You can find out about where they are succeeding and where they are having trouble. You can also gain insight on team morale, and can reveal strategies that will help you to be a more effective leader for the team.


Try these questions the next time you meet with your staff:

What do you need to be more successful in the future?

Is there anything that you would change about the way the team works?


Establish Accountability

As the leader of the team, you have to make sure everyone is on the same page and that everyone knows his or her responsibilities. If you don’t communicate the goals and expectations to the team, you can’t hold them accountable. Make sure every employee understands their responsibilities and the standards that they are expected to meet.

Equally important is for you to hold yourself accountable. An employee will look to you as a role model, and i f they see that you do not share the responsibility, they are less likely to do the same themselves. Accountability starts with you.


Build Trust

A team can’t perform well if people don’t trust each other. Your employees have to be able to trust their fellow team members, and they need to have a strong relationship based in trust with you.

Having open communication is a good way to start building trust. Get your employees to share their feelings about the job. Let them know that you respect their opinions, and are willing to listen to what they have to say.


Give Recognition

People want to get noticed for their work. Let your employees know that you recognize their efforts. When a project is done, express your appreciation for the work they did. When you see an employee exceeding expectations, tell them that you recognize the quality of their work and you value them as a team member.


Make Meetings More Effective

Managers should plan for every meeting. Whether it is a one-on-one with a single employee or a meeting for the whole team, you should gather information and plan the points that need to be addressed.

Before a meeting even starts, you should know all of the information that you want to convey to the team, and you should have a list of questions concerning any feedback that you want to get from your employees.


About the author:

Rae Steinbach is a writer for After graduating from Tufts University with a combined International Relations and Chinese degree, she spent time living and working abroad in China, before returning to pursue her career in NYC. Rae is passionate about travel, food, and writing, of course.

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