• LID 25th Anniversary Podcast
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LID Radio Episode 76: The Future Of Publishing

 LID Publishing’s General Manager Martin Liu joins us to discuss the present and future states of the publishing industry and what role will business books have in the global market scene. Read More
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LID Radio Episode 75: The Power Of Soft

 Author, lawyer, coach and negotiation expert Hilary Gallo joins us to discuss how bullying behavior during negotiation can lead to a fall out between both parties and how his new way of approaching negotiations... Read More
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LID Radio Episode 74: How to Achieve Sustainable Negotiation

 Author Eliane Karsaklian joins us to discuss her new book “Sustainable Negotiation: What Physics Can Teach Us about International Negotiation” and introduces a new approach to negotiation, where ‘Sustainable Negotiation’ replaces the old notion... Read More
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